Tax Planning

Building, Growing, Protecting your Wealth

Develop the best tax strategies and develop a solid plan for reducing your income taxes. Managing your financial affairs by navigating through the tax system will uncover benefits that work in your favor to minimize your tax liability.

Whether it's reducing your income, increasing deductions, or taxing advantage of tax credits, tax planning includes looking at various tax options to determine the best way to conduct business and personal transactions so that taxes are reduced or eliminated altogether.

There are many tax planning strategies available. Some benefit your individual while other have business benefits. Either way, it's based on completing a transaction to accomplish one or more of the following goals.

  • Reduce taxable income
  • reduce your tax rate
  • control when taxes are paid
  • claim tax credits when they are available

Investments and other transactions provide for a means to lower taxes, reduce your adjusted gross income and owing less tax. Tax planning is simple to implement but takes the knowledge to know how. Contact us today and we can refer you to an accountant who can work solve your tax issues and together we can handle your tax issues and concerns. This way with a little preparation we can minimize yearly and end of life death taxes.

Please note, DFG does nor offer tax advice.


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