Long Term Care Insurance

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As the medical field makes further break through, living a longer life is less and less uncommon. Whereas a heart attack years ago was fatal, today people are now living longer. However with living longer people are more subject to needing non-medical assistance as they age. Long Term care insurance provides for non-skilled care. While Medicare will pay for some short-term nursing home care under certain circumstances. The only options for non-skilled care are:

  • Medicaid (a welfare program) in which you are required to have first spend your assets
  • Paying from your own funds and investments
  • Long Term Care insurance
  • Why long term care insurance, if you have had a family member need care or know of someone, you already know the answer. Long Term care insurance is not so much for you but your spouse, children or other loved ones. You have hopefully developed a plan for your retirement; an unexpected need for care could accelerate your spending by an extra $100,000 a year or more. Long Term care insurance will not only provide you the ability to stay in your home longer but will allow your loved ones to provide you with longer and better care and without worrying how they are going to be able to provide it for you.

    Dowd Financial Group can help you weigh your options by providing multiple quotes from the industry leaders in LTC insurance as well as walk you through the important options you have. The benefits, the waiting period, inflation protection, length of payouts. Make the move and find out about LTC by contacting for a complimentary discussion and quotes.


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