Education Planning

Building, Growing, Protecting your Wealth

Over the past decade, college tuition has increased nearly 40%, and costs continue to rise. Developing a college savings plan early will help cover the costs of your child/grandchild’s future college expenses. It's the key to your child's future.

To get started you need to identify the right plan tailored to your investment needs and the goals of your family. A college plan is a long-term investment that will complement your overall investment portfolio. Whether it's a:

  • Section 529 Savings Plan
  • Section 529 Prepaid Tuition Program
  • Education Savings Account
  • Savings Bonds
  • IRA Withdrawal

Get started now. The more you save today, the less you'll have to borrow tomorrow.

For information on state and other plans including investment strategies, tax benefits and other incentives that best suit your needs and those of the beneficiary.


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